We’re more than halfway through the week and it looks like the Koalas and the Pandas are neck-and-neck for the race to first place in the Eagle Eye Shootout.


Check out all of the Leaderboards in Skillville


FunGoPlayers have been competing all week in Rifle Arm Riot, posting their highest scores.

Between the two teams we have two emerging superstars. Cory Astro 8 for the Koalas and Jaws Diehard 1 for the Pandas. Each one have put up over a million points for their team!


Find Rifle Arm Riot in the upper left part of Skillville


It’s not too late for the Platypi and Manatees, though. Just one player from those teams needs to come to the rescue! Log in and do your part to win some awesome trophies

Tournament ends Sunday at Noon Eastern. The forum seems to think the Pandas will win. What do you think?

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