Congrats to the Koalas!












Well folks, we had a big weekend for the Eagle Eye Shootout tournament. When the dust settled, the Koalas stood tall as the victors after an amazing late-tourney performance by Bacon Cheese 9 – who racked up over 1 million points alongside Cory Astro 8.


The Pandas remained strong but without a second all-star to back up Jaws Diehard 1, they eventually fell short.


However, every week is a new tournament and all teams are back in the thick of it! Turf Monsters! has started, pitting players in a battle of points in Rocket Foot Rampage, found in SoSo Stadium. Time for the Platypi and Manatees to regain some pride!

2 responses »

  1. Rachel says:

    this is pretty cool!!!!!

  2. sanay says:

    this sounds very coool!!!!!!

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