Hurleybutt Field is a popular destination for FunGoPlayers and the home of many great baseball games like Dinger Derby and Ballpark Bot Battle!

But did you know that Hurleybutt Field has a deep and rich history? It was named after famed FunGoPlay All-Star, Franklin Hurleybutt (FGP 1932-1941), who won 40 games in every season he ever pitched from the inaugural FGP season up until his draft into the army.

Every game that Hurleybutt pitched, win or lose, was a complete 9-inning game! He pitched over 5,000 innings in ten years! Unfortunately, all that hard work eventually wore him out and he met his untimely demise as a soldier in WWII when the grenade he tried to throw would only travel as far as his lap.


You’ll get to learn more about Hurleybutt Field and the history of FunGoPlay in some videos that will be landing in the world soon!

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