Starting today, our Guess the Mystery Player contest will be moving to Mondays! You know what means, right? Every Monday is MYSTERY MONDAY!!! :O

Do you know who this week’s player is? Head over to the FORUM and post your answer. Be sure to include your FunGoPlay Player Name!


  • Born in Winchester, Masschusetts
  • 3-time All-Star
  • Was a starting pitcher while playing for LSU, before becoming a closer in the Major Leagues
  • He is considered one of the best closers in the game
  • A recent beard and a World Series appearance have made him a well known and popular player
  • He shares a name with a member of the Beach Boys

3 responses »

  1. ALYSSA 2342 says:

    the pitcher is the guy from the Red Socks as Manny Ramirez

  2. fungoplay says:

    Not quite! Be sure to post your answer on the FunGoPlay Forum (You might see the right answer already posted, too xD)!

  3. dylan says:

    brian willson the beard

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