Congrats to Johnny Dragon 22, Stork Buffalo 1, Panda Panda 3 and Dusty Dragon 6 for guessing last week’s Mystery Monday… Brian Wilson!

This week, in celebration of the start of the NFL preseason, we’re upping the ante and offering 100 GoDough to anyone who guesses today’s player!! ONE HUNDRED GODOUGH! That’s like, enough for a new wardrobe.

  • Standout quarterback at Cal, but entered the NFL draft after losing the Holiday Bowl to Texas Tech
  • Was drafted to a famous NFL team and waited 3 years on the bench studying under one of the best quarterbacks to play the game
  • In his third season as a starter, he led his team to the Super Bowl and they became NFL champions after beating the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • He is also known for his unique touchdown celebrations

One response »

  1. Dakota Dakota 1 (DudeGFX) says:

    Aaron Rodgers!!

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