Hey friends! Wanted to introduce a new feature on the blog – FunGoPlay Cribs! I’d like to feature some of YOUR cribs on the blog, but today I’ll start with my own.

After saving up plenty of GoDough I upgraded to a Clubhouse at the ScoreStore and unlocked all of the rooms. You’ve got the Living Room, Kitchen, Beach, Patio and Game Room. Lots of nice places to relax.

The Living Room I keep pretty sleek, with just my motorcycle to go along with the trophy case, closet and firepit.

Outside at the Beach I’ve got a drink station for serving up some fresh island beverages for my friends. There’s also some seating to just kind of hang out on and check out the waves.

Upstairs in the Game Room I added some arcade games for me and my friends to play. Nice to play a game indoors and not have to wait outside!

Right outside of the Game Room is the Patio, which is probably my favorite place in the whole Clubhouse. I’ve got almost everything I need – some air hockey, my guitar and a floating hammock. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

Oh and I can’t forget the kitchen. Have to recharge after a long day of sports!

Thanks for visiting my Clubhouse. Hope you enjoyed it! If you want your Locker Room or Clubhouse to be featured on the blog, just send us an email at support@fungoplay.com. Add some screenshots if you can!

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