Hey everybody! I’m super stoked to announce some new updates to FunGoPlay. Who doesn’t love updates, right? We’ve made a lot of bug fixes and tweaks and improvements and blah, blah…. LET’S GET TO THE COOL STUFF!

Gnarly Tinkles gotta stay fly

So check this out — first off we’ve got a ton of new items in the SCORE STORE to trick out your FunGoPlayer and locker room. Make sure you pick up the latest fashions so you can stay looking fresh. Personally, I’m pretty excited about these torn up jeans, because that’s just how Gnarly Tinkles rolls.

Much easier to invite your friends to games

Perhaps even MORE exciting is the new GAME INVITE feature! Now you don’t have to meet anyone at a specific location to play a MULTIPLAYER GAME. Just click on your preferred opponent, flip their player card and click “GAME INVITE.” Then you can invite them to STRIKER SHOOTOUT or HALF PIPE HAVOC! How sick is that???

And we also have a new feature for your FGP SPORTS GEAR — you can share the GoPoints your earned using the gear with your friends. Instant popularity!

Log in to FunGoPlay now to check these out for yourselves! If you get a chance, stop by the FunGoPlay Forum and tell us what you think

–Gnarly Tinkles

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