Happy Monday, FunGoPlayers!


Today we’re going to do another round of MYSTERY MONDAY! Except this time, we’re going to throw in a  couple twists to the madness. First off, one lucky poster will be chosen at random to receive a FREE MONTH MEMBERSHIP to FunGoPlay. All other correct answers will win 100 GoDough.


Secondly, we wanted to step back and give a shoutout to the brains behind teams. It’s not always just the players, the coach plays just as crucial of a role. Today’s Mystery Coach is a controversial figure – disliked just as much as he is liked. Still, with the record this guy has, he is among the great NFL coaches in the game today.




  • Started out as an assistant to Baltimore Colts coach Ted Marchibroda in 1975


  • His defensive game plan for the NY Giants 20-19 win against the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXV is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame


  • Became a head coach in 1991 for the Cleveland Browns


  • After spending most of his career coaching New York-based teams, he became the head coach of a rival team – where he had most of his success.


  • His regular season record is 162-94-0, postseason record of 15-6 (wowzers)


  • As head coach, he’s won a whopping 3 Super Bowls


So, who is this legendary Mystery Coach? Post your answer on the FunGoPlay Forums for a chance to win a MONTH MEMBERSHIP and GODOUGH!

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  1. Thaddeus says:

    Tony dungey

  2. […] While you are all super busy trying to answer this week’s Mystery Coach to win a free membersh…, we wanted to share some info on a legendary NFL coach for the ages. […]

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