Hi FunGoPlayers! Gnarly Tinkles here. Today I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite pitches of all time, Greg Maddux.


While famous pitchers like Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemens relied on a powerful fastball to strike out opposing batters, Maddux was the king of technique. From 1986-2008, Maddux worked over batters like toys, commanding many different types of pitches and was a master of painting the strike zone.


He is most famous for his stints with the Chicago Cubs (’86-’92, ’04-’06) and the Atlanta Braves (’93-’03) – his number (#31) is now retired with both teams.


Consider this list of achievements:


  • 1995 World Series Champion
  • 4 Cy Young Awards
  • 8-time All-Star
  • 18-time Gold Glover


WOW! And who said finesse couldn’t win out over power? Thank you for reading about one of my favorite pitchers! If you have a favorite athlete you’d like me to write about, please let us know on the FunGoPlay Forum!

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