It’s time for another mysterious Mystery Monday! Remember to submit all of your answers to the FunGoPlay forum along with your GoName to claim your prize. All correct answers will win 100 GoDough and one lucky participant will be randomly chosen to win a month membership!

Here are your clues to the Mystery Monday player, a famous NFL quarterback:

  • Born in Austin, Texas and played for Purdue in college
  • Selected to Pro Bowl 5 times in his career
  • Helped his team win a recent Super Bowl and was selected MVP
  • Is famous in his team’s city for helping rebuild after a major natural disaster and is highly involved in other charity work
  • Among other records, holds the NFL record for highest completion percentage in a season at 70.62%

Do you know who this player is? Post your answer to the FunGoPlay Forum for GoDough and a chance to win a free membership!

5 responses »

  1. Dukster says:

    Brees! Drew Brees! I don’t like it that he won 😛 Colts have an off season ok? xD

  2. John says:

    It’s Purdue, the college, not Perdue, the tender bird 😉

  3. fungoplay says:

    Great catch John!!! So you know the answer then? 😉

  4. fungoplay says:

    That’s okay John! Want to go ahead and post your GoName and we’ll still hook you up with prizes?

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