Today we meet Icecream Hotsauce 1 – Associate World Designer at FunGoPlay. We’re going to learn about what he does at FGP, and also what we’ll be getting from FunGoPlay for the holidays!

Gnarly Tinkles – Hey Icecream! Thanks for taking the time to hang out with us today. Can you tell us a little more about what you do at FunGoPlay?

Icecream Hotsauce – Sure!  I help out in designing some of the awesome features we have here in the world… from big things like the leaderboard, all the way down to exactly how many GoPoints you should get for each level in every game.  I’m also in charge of the Score Store and GoDough, so I help decide how much things cost and how much you earn from games and quests.  Finally, I spend a lot of time looking into player behavior — the games that kids are having the most fun with, the places where they’re getting bored, that sort of thing.  If it looks like something isn’t working in the world, I help figure out how to fix it!

Gnarly Tinkles – Very cool!! What is your favorite part of the FunGoPlay world?

Icecream Hotsauce – Definitely the games!  I’ve been a big gamer since I was little, so I spend a lot of my time here playing them.  My favorite is Striker Shootout — that’s the 2-player soccer game — but we’ve got a really sweet football game called Gridiron Gladiators coming soon.  That’s going to be my new favorite!

Gnarly Tinkles – We can’t wait for Gridiron Gladiators either. Is there anything planned for the holidays?

Icecream Hotsauce – Yep!  I’ll be rocking a new Santa hat very soon, and if you’ve got a clubhouse you’ll be able to get a Christmas tree or a menorah that lights up when you click it.  They’re going to be full-access, so keep checking the Score Store in December.

Gnarly Tinkles – That’s really awesome. Okay so last question – If you were a sport, what sport would you be and why?

Icecream Hotsauce – I might be hockey!  I love the snow and ice, and it’s cool to have people fighting over you.

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