Paul Roberson was the youngest of five children born in Princeton, New Jersey. His father was a former slave who later became a minister. He was the third African American ever to attend Rutgers University, where he played baseball, football, basketball, and track! He was there on a four-year scholarship! He became the first student from Rutgers to be chosen as a member of the All-American football team.

He was recognized in “The Crisis” (an NAACP publication) for his talents in sports, academics and singing! Talk about multi-talented! Later, he went on to study law at Columbia Law School. He became an assistant football coach to put himself through school, then was recruited to play for the NFL!

On top of that, he was also a singer and actor in off-campus productions. His love of public speaking prompted him to become an actor. In the 1920’s through the 1930’s, he was a very popular singer and actor all across the globe!

He believed that fame came with responsibility to promote change in the world so he spoke out against racism and in support of peace as an activist for civil and human rights. What an awesome guy!

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